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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

I do accept guest posts. For the most part, I have only accepted a few that I have hand picked. However, I am looking for more guest posts.

Guest Posting Topics

My guidelines are very strict about the topic/subject of your post.

As of now, I will only accept guest posts that are on the topic of race/racism/culture.

Guest posters should have a blog or website that revolves around a personal life. It cannot be a business blog.

Guest posters can be of any nationality/ethnic background. They must write about race/racism/culture in a way that shows growth and thought.

Guest posts cannot promote any racist thoughts or hate speech. All posts are subject to my critique and editing about how your views are represented so as to avoid inadvertent offending of other races/cultures. I cannot entirely guarantee that you won’t offend someone, but I will do my best, as I always do to ensure that your thoughts do not hold any stereotyping or thoughtlessness.

My background revolves mostly around understanding race from a mixed-race family viewpoint. I have studied racism in the American black community and that is where my knowledge lies.

I will not accept guest posts that promote stereotypical views, or arguments that promote the current culture of racism. Please do some research on your topic.

All posts will be thoroughly edited for potentially offensive language and final edits will be discussed with the author. This is about allowing everyone to explore thoughts on race. It’s about pushing past the fear of doing it wrong. It’s about just talking and exploring.

Exceptions to the Rules

One of my mainstay rules in life is that there are always exceptions to any rules. If you think you have a great idea and want to send me a pitch, but it doesn’t fit my guidelines exactly, feel free to pitch it to me anyway. Don’t be a jerk though. Use some common sense. I won’t respond to pitches about lifestyle, babysitting, or how-to-make-your-baby-sleep-through-the-night type of posts.

Send Your Submissions

Send your submissions to

Please include:

  • Please include the text of your post. You can send the text in the body of the email, a Google doc or a link to the original post.
  • Please send me a bio and a photo to use.
  • Please do not send me photos that you do not have permission to use.

Examples of Guest Posts (psst, write something along these lines)

Pronouns from Empatheia

I Support Breastfeeding, So I Support Black Breastfeeding Week from Keep Austin NIP

Interracial Relationships and Identity from Musing Momma

Not So Fantastic from Mark Power-Freeman, Author of The Face Value Blues

A Letter To My Daughter from Andrea Kirsten, Detroit area journalist

I’m Not Colorblind  from Only Mama

Growing Up As a Dot Rat from Suck at Home Mom