WWJS #Abortion and the Bible

Jesus loved him some women.
Jesus loved him some women.

My thoughts on abortion/reproductive health and rights are pretty liberal. I’m all in favor of legalized abortion and have zero moral qualms with the act, but I was not always this way.

Growing up in the Church of Christ, in west Texas, with a preacher grandfather, I was influenced heavily by the conservative side and until I was an adult and began to contemplate having my own opinions and was able to examine facts, rather than Biblical beliefs, I was essentially told what to believe by the church.

Until I was confronted with my own sexual nature and began giving it some genuine thought, I was completely in the mind that abortion was a sin and murdering babies was wrong. Then I began weighing the aspects of abortion with potential slip ups, combined with not 100 percent effective birth control methods and human nature’s chemical desire to practice procreating without any intention of giving birth.

For all my caterwauling on Facebook and Twitter, I still wonder privately about the few friends I have who consider themselves pro-life a term I use hesitatingly, but for this occasion, I will. I use the term because I do believe that there are some people out there who genuinely believe that life begins at conception and that they are mortified and ill at the thought of abortion. I believe that these people are few and far between. I do not believe the politicians or the celebrity-status religious mouth vomiters. I think these people are playing on the naive and devoutly religious. For all the ways I disagree with these people, I still understand that this is what they truly believe. And they are the only ones on the opposing side that I have any sympathy for in this debate.

So, even though I have my doubts as to the existence or truth about the man Jesus in the bible, who I think was likely a myth or perhaps a really great guy who was blown out of proportion, I wonder, what would Jesus say about this debate?

From what I know of Jesus, which is plenty, although admittedly rusty memories from my childhood, he was a pretty loving sort of guy. He hung out with prostitutes. He preached love and acceptance. He healed the sick. He hated the greedy. And he he was beloved by all who met him. Hell, he even had followers. Oh, and wasn’t he the guy who said we shouldn’t judge people?

So, here’s what I think Jesus would say about the current debate over abortion.

I think he would likely not be a big fan of abortion. In fact, he might even say it was wrong. I’m not sure about that. But here’s what I am sure of. I am 100 percent positive that he would not be at all happy about people using his name and image to revile women who abort their unborn children.

I believe that he would say we should love them and he would ask what is it about our society that makes these women feel the need to abort children? He might ask what we could do to help women not feel the need to have abortions. I think he would ask why on earth the republicans think it’s a good idea to close down clinics that provide reproductive healthcare to women. He might even ask why we weren’t educating young people, men and women, about sex and birth control choices. I’m not sure what his stance would be on the pill or condoms. I think that’s a pretty gray area even amongst the varying Christian denominations.

But I do know for sure that Jesus would be loving and wholeheartedly accepting of the women who choose abortions. I imagine that if he visited an abortion clinic he would tell the picketers to put down their signs and look at the women with eyes of love instead of screaming “murderer” at them. I think he would ask how we could offer better choices.

Well, I’m no son of God, but I do think that I get a pretty good feeling as to how he would feel about this issue and I’m pretty sure he would dislike Rick Perry intensely, although, he would also say we should pray for him as well, since he is clearly on the path to hell.


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50 Hairs of Gray

My gray hairs.

Lately I’ve been having this sort of love affair with my strands of gray hairs that keep popping up all throughout my hair.

Yeah, I said it. I like my gray hairs. In fact, I’ve been having this inner debate about whether or not to color my hair this fall because, I don’t want to cover them up. The rest of my hairs, I have no problem with changing the color. But I am enjoying my tiny little streaks of gray and I want to keep them. Don’t bother suggesting that I streak gray on top of hair color. I’m way too lazy for that. And cheap. Anyway, I can’t imagine the conversation I’d have with a stylist if I went into a salon and asked them to color my hair and then streak it gray.

Stylist: Sooo, let me get this straight, you want me to color your hair and then add the gray back in?

Me: That’s right.

Stylist: Uhhhhh, well, you know, most women prefer to cover up their gray.

Me: I’m not most women.

Stylist: Well, you know, gray makes you look older.

Me: I’m okay with that.

Stylist: Is this some sort of fucking joke? Am I being pranked?

Me: No, I like my gray hair. It took me many years of waiting to grow this gray hair in and I’ll be damned if I’m going to give it up.

Stylist: Picks up phone, calls local loony bin.

I’ve always liked gray hair. When I was a teenager, we had a neighbor in her early 20s who had a streak of gray along her widow’s peak. I admired it greatly and wished for one of my own.

There’s this notion in our culture that aging is a bad thing, but really, only for women. If you think about it, it’s one of the most misogynistic myths perpetuated throughout our culture. Women of all races, sexual orientations, classes, we all are supposed to hate our aging skin, our aging hair, our aging bodies. Men, on the other hand, are allowed to look distinguished with their graying hairs and paunches. Wrinkles make some men look esteemed. On women, they just look saggy.

I was standing outside of Annika’s school recently, and I mentioned to a couple of moms with gray streaks in their hair that I liked their gray.

They both rolled their eyes slightly and laughed, the telling sign that they hated their grays.

“Oh, but it ages you,” said one of them to me stressing the dirty word.

And it’s not that I want to look older. I would love it if I was one of those women who aged more gracefully. But I’m not. I’ve always looked my age and I’m under no illusion that it’s suddenly going to change as I approach middle age. I’m not going to go running out and start spending tons of money on wrinkle cream and expensive dye jobs that will stave off my age as the years creep along.

But really, it’s not the age factor, I just like the way gray hair looks. You know that cliche, “good things come to those who wait?” Well, to me, gray hair is like the icing on the cake of age. Hey, maybe you’re old and wrinkly, but at least you get to have this fabulous gray hair!

Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I will do those streaks. I think I’ve earned them.