Accidental Co-Parents: Baby Daddy Just Doesn’t Cut It

Newborn baby loveI met up a few weeks ago with Only-Mama, another single mom blogger. After chatting for a bit, we decided that we were two peas in a pod and decided to swap guest posts. I’ve had this idea on the back burner for a while, so I decided to write this post about how I’m continually explaining my relationship with Toyin to new people I meet.

“… Over and over again, I have to tell people, “He’s not my husband. He’s not my ex-husband.”
It’s not exactly complicated, but for a private introvert/extrovert (I’m pretty friendly, but don’t go asking me personal questions) it is a continual source of mild distress because I hate to explain things to people I barely know. I wish there could be a convenient name we can give people in this situation, if only for my own convenience and comfort level. Because, since we are living now a few generations into the sexual revolution, I think that it’s highly likely we are not the only people in this country with this problem.”

Head on over the read the entire post and while you’re there, check out Only-Mama’s website. She’s funny, insightful and she makes the same kinds of parenting “mistakes” that I make, like inadvertently teaching her kids how to fake sick in order to skip school.