I am so not PC, and where to get that shot glass

Evil but cheap

So many people mentioned to me that they wanted one of these shot glasses from my last post. I felt the need to see if I could find one online and tell you where I bought it.

I found on on Amazon by searching for measuring spoon shot glass. But it’s almost $6. And then you have to pay shipping.

I bought mine at Walmart for a dollar.

I know! I know! Busted.

I am SO not politically correct. I was a little embarrassed to say where I had purchased it because I don’t like to support evil companies.

Oh well. I don’t shop there regularly, but I guess the west Texan in me still gets the urge to support the Sam Walton heirs every once in a while. They’re probably putting something in the water making me feel the urge to go shop at their stores.

But anyhoo, I go there when I want cheap housewares and sometimes I buy clothes for Annika. That’s it. I swear! Don’t judge me.

I used to be vehemently anti-Walmart until I got a lesson from gay friend while chastising him for shopping at Sam’s Club after some recent negative press. It might have been this story. He said to me, “Yeah, I know they are known as anti-gay. But I can walk in their store wearing a pair of fishnets, heels and full makeup and they are still legally obligated to serve me.”