Premature Baby Family Needs Help

20131205_11480620131205_114806felixSo, I have a new nephew. He’s adorable. I haven’t gotten to hold him yet and my daughter hasn’t met him, because he’s in the NICU. He was born prematurely at 33 weeks. BUT he’s doing well! He was born at 4.7 pounds and when I did visit him, he was all wiggly and adorable.

My brother and sister-in-law are so happy and excited. But as many of you may know, with a premature baby, comes extra expenses that crop up.

We created a Go Fund Me account for them to help out with additional expenses like eating at the hospital, my SIL is spending her days there, just after having had a C-section. She can’t drive, so she has to be driven up there, which means either someone stays with her or they have to drive back and forth, expending a lot of money on gas and more food.

As of now, the account has technically exceeded its original goal of $1,000 (woo hoo!). But that was really just an arbitrary number based on what seemed potentially viable. In reality, they will likely need every penny they have already gotten and then some.

So, if you’re in the giving spirit this season, please know that any funds you contribute to my brother and sister-in-law and my sweet, sweet little nephew will be very much appreciated and definitely going directly to  a good cause!

Happy Holidays! Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year.

Feeling charitable? Donate to my adorable nephew’s little family right here.

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