Tracyville Launches Multicultural Kid’s Product Line


I know this is not one of my typical types of posts, but today I’m helping promote a new line of multicultural kids’ artwork. I am not being paid for this.

I met Tracy over at One Brown Crafter through email, as she was searching for biracial and multiracial kids online. We’ve chatted a lot through email and Facebook. She’s an intelligent and savvy multiracial woman of color who finds herself a minority in the crafting world. So she began designing her art surrounding that idea. I love her artwork and plan to buy this one. A piece that Annika picked out for her room.

I love Tracy’s work because it reflects the simplicity of seeing past skin color by acknowledging everyone’s place in the world. She comes from a space knowing what it’s like to feel out of place, but has embraced it and her artwork certainly reflects the spirit of being a child. Please check her stuff out. She’s introducing a new line this fall and I look forward to seeing more of her beautiful artwork.

A Little Bit About the New Line From Tracyville:

Illustrator, recycling artist and blogger, Tracy Viverretta is launching a line of fun, functional and inspirational products geared toward biracial and multicultural kids that officially launches on Labor Day. These handmade products will also encourage self-love and self esteem.

Tracy isn’t saying what they are as yet, but all month long, she’ll be sharing “teasers” of the new goodies on her blog – Tracyville – all leading up to the big reveal on Labor Day. Make Tracyville a regular pit-stop to get the full story on this product line and to join in on her Back-To-School-Labor Day-Product-Fest-Handmakery-Adventure as she conceives, sketches, doodles, designs, sews, draws and illustrates tons of fun and functional goodies for the kiddos.

You can find Tracy’s work at the following locations.




Email:  tracyvart[at]yahoo[dot]com

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    July 25, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Thank you so much for supporting my work Martha via your awesome blog and otherwise. I can’t say how much I appreciate it and having connected with you. Thanks again!

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