Biracial Cheerios Commercial: Hope, Then Sadness

Late last week this Cheerios commercial was all over the internet, and of course, multiple people were posting it to me on Facebook.

When I first saw it on another mom blog’s page, I was overjoyed. What an adorable ad. It was perfectly understated. Just two parents hanging out with their kid. I am seriously going to go buy some Cheerios even though we rarely eat cereal. They were actually my favorites growing up anyway. Annika has never liked cereal, but it’s been long enough. It will probably become her new obsession. The only thing about the commercial that I thought was unbelievable was the fact that the mom was quietly sitting at the kitchen table reading while the dad was taking a nap.

But anyway, it didn’t take long for my bubble to get popped when I started seeing articles about how this ad brought out the racists. I hadn’t bothered to read any comments when I initially viewed this ad, so I didn’t get to see them. I never read comments unless it’s late and I’m severely bored. Apparently, according to various articles, the racist comments got so bad, they were closed. I saw a few on some of the other articles. They made me a little sick.

It was just another reminder that there are people in the world who view me and my daughter with quiet hatred every time we go out in public. Just when I start to become complacent, out it comes.

For the most part, I figure it doesn’t matter to me. There is hate all over the world. But it worries me, how people view Annika. I worry about how she will manage as she ages and how the racism will affect her self esteem. Or how it might affect her in situation where she might stick out just a little more than a white kid.

You can read more about this on these articles from Slate, Reddit, Gawker, I love this one in particular, an editorial on Jezebel.