Pee Cycle River In My Soul

Annika’s started doing that thing where she mistakes song lyrics with things that make more sense to her 4-year-old brain. The most epic is the title of this post. From the song, Peace Like a River, which her school has rehashed slightly to make their school song, Annika sings loudly, “I’ve got PEE CYCLE RIVER IN MY SOULLLLLL!”

I ignored it for a while until it occurred to me that if one of her classmates heard her singing it wrong, they might laugh at her. So I gently asked her if she didn’t think it might be Peace Like a River.

No, she told me in no uncertain terms that her lyrics were right. Her teachers had taught the song to her and that’s how they sing it.

Well, she corrected herself, perhaps it’s, Peace Cycle River. Yeah. That sounds good.

Then she showed me with her body that the movements of the song were to close your eyes and press against your chest, that means Peace. Then you move your arms slowly through the rest of the lyrics with Cycle River.

Makes total sense.

I’ve always loved when kids make up their own lyrics. Years ago, one of my favorites from a friend’s son was that he had Ant in His Pants from the Eminem Song “My Band.”

He justified it from the video where Eminem is grabbing his crotch. His mom and I could really see where he got it and with Eminem, well, he does kind of dance like he’s got ants in his pants. My Pants, My Pants, My Pants, I’ve Got Ants in My Pannnts! Yeah.

So, I’ve been wondering if I should correct her. I am not a big fan of over correcting kids. I like for Annika to figure things out for herself. I think things stick when people think things through. And too much correcting can make people paranoid when they do make a mistake.

Imho, it’s one of the ills of our society, that somehow a mistake or a misspoken word makes you less of a human being. Less important. Less valuable.

I think it’s just the opposite. I tell Annika that mistakes mean we’re learning something new. And that’s always a good thing.