Washington DC, the Last Leg

Our final destination, other than perhaps a side trip to Graceland on our way home, was to visit Toyin’s sister in DC. I really like the feel of DC. It’s a great city. One of my favorite things about visiting big cities is that you can ride the train everywhere. It’s one of the appealing things about living in such an urban area.


Annika’s first ride on the Metro.

This ride was on the way down to the tourist district of DC where we quickly walked through the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum.


We then hit up the Mall and lo and behold, at the WWII Memorial, Texas and Michigan were right next to each other. We had to take a picture.


We also saw Lincoln and MLK. Lincoln is favorite. But MLK was an inspired and a great addition to our country’s memories of stone.

But frankly, even though we saw much of our nation’s history on this leg of the trip, it’s very likely that Annika’s favorite memory of this part of the trip will be making a cake with her auntie.