New York City

Our next stop in this trip after spending a couple more days in Ann Arbor, one of them with a sick kid, was New York City.


Naturally, one of our first meals was Middle Eastern fare. I had a lamb shwarma with some hot sauce that was, dare I say, even better than some of the shwarma I’ve had in Detroit. One of the nice things about New York City is that you can get good food from just about any culture and it’s authentic and super delicious.

The second day we went to Coney Island and had a so-so hot dog and chili fries at the Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters.

The dog was okay, but what made the trip memorable was a sand castle she made with Toyin and then she got to pick two kiddie rides.


Kiddie rides at Coney Island equal kiddie ecstasy.

The next day on the way to see the Statue of Liberty, she got to have a New York City pretzel. It did not disappoint. But she didn’t like the salt, which is funny because I remember feeling the same way as a kid when I had my own sampling of NYC pretzel. I like it now, so the salted parts of pretzel did not go to waste.


We hit up the Statue of Liberty on our way out of town. So we didn’t take a tour, but instead rode the Staten Island ferry, which was free and just as fun as taking a tour boat.



We are now in Washington DC, the last leg!

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  1. says:

    July 27, 2012 at 6:34 am

    Sorry to hear Annika was sick, but it looks like she’s still having a BLAST! Enjoy your last leg in DC. Can’t wait for more pics! 😀

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