1. Lydia says:

    May 23, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Robin, my almost 4 year old just weaned too- this week. I have been nursing two for over a year and I felt very ready to be done. I had this sense that robin was ready too- kind of how I felt about some other milestones, and so I talked to her about it, and she agreed. Today she tested it- asking to nurse and whining a little when I reminded her- but she was happy with our “solution” of reading a book and cuddling. I am happy with how we ended our nursing time- I feel like we will both remember it happily. Sorry to go on about this- I don’t have too many friends in real life who nursed very long so I felt like sharing when I read your post! Anyway…all the best to you and Annika in the next, non-nursing, phase of your relationship : )

    • Martha says:

      May 23, 2012 at 8:50 pm

      Hey Lydia, thanks for sharing! It’s nice to hear from another mom who nursed for so long and ended it easily and with both of you ready for it. I am happy with the way we ended our nursing relationship too and I’m proud that I made it.

  2. says:

    May 24, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just love how you and Annika were able to plan this together. And I love that she thinks mama milk tastes like ice cream and strawberries!

  3. says:

    May 27, 2012 at 7:22 am

    Martha, I loved reading this. My own experiences nursing were similar. It was hard and I didn’t always enjoy it at all. But I am glad I did it. I am an AP “anomaly” mom who co-slept with my kids (still do with the youngest), but I work outside of my home. I’ve always back to work after 6-weeks off and pumped like crazy to avoid formula. Breast feeding was my big bonding time, but it was so hard for me. Despite popular opinion, I did not find it to be natural or easy. Thank goodness for La Leche league and lactation consultants, or I never would’ve made it. I’ve never read a piece by another mom willing to admit the fact that nursing is really really hard, and can be irritating. Most women seem to write about the beauty of it all and make the rest of us afraid that we are doing something wrong, or are inhuman…I had those thoughts OFTEN. I didn’t know many other moms who practiced extended nursing when I was. Wish you’d been around!

    My firstborn nursed until he was 3.5. My second was born when he was only 17 months old, so I tandem nursed a toddler and a baby. I’ve read stories of moms who describe tandem nursing as such a beautiful experience, but I really felt like a suck pig. I am glad we had that time and that I did it, but I didn’t feel fully human during the 18 months that I tandem nursed. To be honest, I don’t think my son would’ve ever weaned himself except that I got pregnant with the third baby and the taste of my milk changed. Both kids weaned themselves when I was 6 months pregnant with my third. My son was 3.5, daughter was 18 months and she just quit. I cried over her weaning so early, but it was totally her decision, and I was sooo thankful to have a break before the new baby. Baby number three, was a lot like Annika. A few weeks before she turned four, we made an agreement so that she would be weaned (and I fully admit to it being a selfish agreement–I’d nursed for 7 straight years and I’d had enough!) After the weaning agreement, she begged a few times. In fact, she still sometimes mentions it being the best thing she ever tasted–and she’s now 8. Whenever she mentions it, I get all misty-eyed with remembering.

    I really appreciate the way you describe the cranky teenager moments, the moments when you’d scream because you didn’t want to be interrupted. I remember those moments, too. And I also remember the sleeping babies, the way a boob could cure any ailment or upset, and the way my own stress would just melt away when I had a child in my arms looking at me with such happy eyes. It was worth it all (but I am glad it’s over!)

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