International Women’s Day? Wtf

Today, March 8, is apparently International Women’s Day. I had no idea. Never heard of it. For years I said that women needed a day that was separate from Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. That was before I became a mom and I was full of spitfire and vigorously challenged all traditional notions.

Now, I’m just happy to make it through a day where my clothes are still clean and my kid is happy.

Having been a regular news junkie for many years and feeling like I could eventually get to a point where I might actually read the news consistently again someday, when I hear of things like this, I feel disappointed in myself for not having known it was coming and receiving my news from my Facebook newsfeed and mistaking IWF for IUD when I did read it, I am just annoyed with myself for not knowing that the non-uterus-challenged species has finally gotten their own day. Yes, I see the run-on. It feels justified.

So I looked it up.

Apparently IWF was originally a socialist holiday and only made it to the U.S. mainstream in 2010, hence, why I didn’t know it existed.

It’s kind of nice knowing that we have our own day and all. But really, it’s kind of stupid. Who’s going to get it except those of us who are too damn busy and/or tired to give a shit.

It only cemented my realization of that fact when the second post I saw on Facebook about IWD was from a guy who said in honor of IWD he was putting on his best dress. Thanks. Thanksss a lot.

Then there’s this, a man who actually wore dresses aplenty, and probably understood just how misunderstood women often are, was a man named Leslie, who ironically, has died today. He will be missed here in Austin, TX.Thank you, Leslie, for putting on a dress for us and forcing people to watch. You are truly one in a million and deserve your own day.

Leslie died in Austin TX

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  1. Martha says:

    March 8, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    And apparently I wrote IWF instead of IWD all throughout my post. Oh well. I’m leaving it.

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