Help Fund Some Audacity

You all know that I love audacity. If you don’t know this, then you must not have been reading my blog for very long. But I do. And when I ran across this Kickstarter project, I need immediately that I wanted to share it. FYI, I am not getting paid for this. I just like the project.

The Audacity of Louis Ortiz is a documentary in the works about an Obama impersonator. What makes this story interesting to me is not just his looks, but his perspective on this country. He hears things that regular people want to tell Obama. Yet, he sees it from the perspective of a typical American. Ortiz has multiple sclerosis, and no health insurance. Before becoming an Obama impersonator, he had lost his job. He is a veteran. If Obama doesn’t get elected again, Ortiz will still get impersonator jobs, but it won’t be as many. He is counting on another four years.

I emailed the director/producer, Ryan Murdock and he answered a few questions for me behind the scenes.

His inspiration for the story was seeing Louis Ortiz akin to a lottery winner with a timeline and also a price.

“I think Louis’ story is a quintessential American one – make the most of the opportunities that life hands you. But it’s also a story that’s completely unique. Louis has an unvarnished window on what our country has been through in the last three years. He hears from everyday Americans about how they feel about this country and President Obama, both positive and negative.”

Murdock is also filming this story from a cultural and political perspective.

“… this story is incredibly rich. It’s inherently visual and there’s so many complex themes to explore around identity, class, race, power. Louis’ embodies so much about America right now. There’s an abundance of opportunities for me to examine the true meaning of political rhetoric in America right now – how much of what politicians say is actually meaningful for people like Louis.”

But ultimately, this film is about irony.

“Louis is a great example of the kind of everyday American that politicians are always talking about – Louis the phone guy. He lost his job, his health insurance and is struggling to make it. It’s ironic that he can make his living by appearing as the most successful person in the world when in truth he’s the epitome of the 99 percent.”

To contribute to this project so that Ryan Murdock can finish making his film visit: