Pray for Rain

Texas has been on fire since Sunday. Wildfires have been spreading all around Austin, thousands of people evacuated, you can’t throw a stick without hitting someone who has been affected.

Having grown up in west Texas, dry summers aren’t anything new to me. Disasters happening all around were not uncommon growing up and they generally had something to do with bad weather. Violent tornadoes ripped through Texas regularly during my childhood. Drought was just something to be expected.

All summer long, this year, I’ve had this image floating through my brain of a tattered, yellowed, hand-written sign that I saw all my life, all around Texas, posted in store windows, “Pray for rain.” Those signs have always haunted me.

Because of this, I have always loved rain. Yes, I love the heat, probably a little too much. Frankly, it’s got to the point where I was complaining along with everyone else after hitting over 70 days straight of over-100-degree weather.

I love rain too. I love it when it sprinkles. I love it when it gushes. There’s nothing quite so beautiful to me as a darkened sky, rolling clouds, and a loud thunderous clap just before wetness falls from the sky.

Right now, we could really use the rain. I mean. Really. So pray for us, everywhere else in the country.

Perhaps God is pissed off at Texas because we have a governor who’s a complete prick and is going around using God’s name to get votes. But some of us don’t like Rick Asshole Perry. So, make sure you toss that in when you’re mentioning us. God might not being paying attention to the tiny liberal pocket since we aren’t all that vocal with him. Or maybe he’s pissed at us because we ignore him. Either way, for those of you are in good with him, perhaps he just needs a reminder. Or she. I should say she, because I like to imagine a female God. Maybe she’s tired of getting called a boy. Or maybe this all has something to do with scientificky stuff like airflow and wind patterns. But either way, a little collective energy toward the heavens couldn’t hurt us right now.

Luckily, my life has not been directly affected by the fires except that I can smell the smoke. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed, and praying,which feels like the most we can do, other than donating to the victims. Doing a rain dance wouldn’t hurt either, if you are so inclined.

At this point, many/most of you have probably gotten a good lead on places to donate and help out the fire victims, but if you need any more leads, here’s a comprehensive list from one amazing Austin mama blogger.

If you want to read more stories from Austin mom bloggers, here’s a post that links up to lots of other blogs. We’ve all got our stories.

And finally, a special shout out to my friend Heather, a crafty mama who is supporting an effort to make handmade quilts for fire victims. They’re going to need something special to cuddle.