Just one of the things nobody warns you about parenthood…

I’ve been keeping a mental list of the things that nobody warned me about parenthood. (Okay, okay, I’ve got a long list documented on my computer just in case I ever find someone to blame.) But ANYWAY this one was just too pathetic not to share.

Yes, I drew that. Being a parent makes you revisit all the things you were really bad at when you were a kid. Let’s just say none of my teachers ever told me I should take art classes.

When Toyin stopped by tonight to pick Annika up, he saw this and said, “Oh, Mommy drew a cat.”


It’s a pig.

I was doing okay until I had to draw the body.

Here’s hoping that I never have to write out notes to any of Annika’s teachers when she starts school. I really don’t want to get red penned for my handwriting again.